Route 56 Spaghetti and Service Night!

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written by Sarah and Jordan

Jeremiah 31:21 says “Set up road signs; put up guideposts. Take note of the highway, the road that you take.”  This is exactly what Route 56 is trying to accomplish with our Spaghetti dinner on April 26th from 5:30 to 7:30.  We’ll have all kinds of wonderful things to see and eat, all prepared by our very own Route 56 5th and 6th graders (with the help of our amazing- and brave- adult volunteers)!  You will enjoy the power point presentation by our video team, the performances by our skit and music teams, the service and decorations by our promotion team, and the food prepared by our kitchen team.  Come on down and see what Route 56 is all about! (written by Sarah Spruill – 5th grade, and Jordan Bruce – 6th grade

written by Beth and Peyton

Wow! There is so much work to do for the route 56 spaghetti night. We still need to make the posters, do the table setting, make the program, get the offering tire(?????), and send the invites. We are so exited for the big night to come!! We hope it will go as planed. Don’t forget about route 56 night!!


Service Station #1 and The “Share Chair”

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Beth: “Me and a few other people cleaned the blocks.  I thought nobody would notice that kind of thing.  After it was over I felt like I accomplished something.”

John: “ I was dusting. I was thinking of my dad that watched this movie that said ‘This is Awesome!’ I thought ‘Dusting is AWESOME!’”

Maddie: “ I cleaned the toilets and it was a small one.  I didn’t think it would help because it is a toilet.  Then we cleaned doorknobs and they were really dirty.”

Morgan: “I thought it was gross but after I cleaned it, I thought it was still gross.”

Justin: “ I cleaned the diaper changing station.  I will never be the same again.”

Mallory: “We were cleaning the doll house and it was really dirty.  The dolls were really dirty.  Barbie had a really bad accident.”

Ann: “We cleaned the chairs and it was like it hasn’t been cleaned in 3 years.  After we cleaned it sparkled from underneath but no one looks down there.”

Jordan: “We were cleaning the blocks and we were talking that they are old and really dirty.  After we were done we were really happy because there were a lot of blocks.”

Thomas: “We cleaned the walls, toys, diaper cleaning spots, cabinets and a ball.  I feel way better cleaning here then at home because I was cleaning for someone else.”

Ashley: “I cleaned one of the toilets.  I cleaned not just the toilet but the handle, the sink and the door.”

Abby: “ We cleaned the dishes for the toddlers.  There were a lot of dishes.  When we were done one hand was smaller than the other and I was relieved because I don’t like to do the dishes.”

Sara: “I cleaned the play toys so when someone puts their mouth on it they won’t get sick.”

Sara: “I cleaned the blocks.  It got kind of boring but when I was done it felt good that all those blocks got cleaned.”

Check out the Pictures!!

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Having a Holy Ambition

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What do you want to be when you grow up?


What I was like as a 5th/6th grader … What I wanted to become …

·         Loved sports & liked to help people

·         Wanted to become a teacher or coach


What I was told and what you are being told from the culture …

·         The culture (the world) told me that you’re a good kid

·         Just keep doing good things and stay out of trouble

·         So, what I didn’t do mattered more than what I did do


I want you to be known for what you do, NOT for what you don’t do.


You don’t have to be a follower of Jesus to stay away from stupid sins.  There are a lot of good kids with good morals who stay out of trouble.


But you do have to be a Christian to have a heart that sincerely loves God and loves people and serves people without expecting anything in return.


We should be known for what we do!  So what does God want you to do?


I believe God wants you to have a holy ambition …  What’s that?


            Explain holy – set apart (absolutely unique)


                        Who is holy?  God!  Why?  Because he is set apart

                        German shepherd is a _______.       An oak is a _______.

                        Earth is a _________.    Milky Way is a __________.

                        Gabriel is a _____________.   God is a _________.   No category!


 God is God!  He is set apart, absolutely unique, and supremely valuable!


Explain “ambition” – goal that you seek after something with all your heart (motivation)


For example:  My ambition is to become the President of the United States.


So let’s put these two words together, “holy ambition”.  What is it?


Holy ambition – Something you really want to do and God really wants you to do too


Do you have a holy ambition?  Maybe not yet.  But some day I hope you will. That’s part of growing up as a Christian is having a holy ambition.


One pastor I know talks about his little girl and how she loves playing with dolls.  But one day this love for dolls might pass away and be replaced with a love for little babies—taking care of them in the nursery.  And maybe in a few more years this desire could become a holy ambition to start an orphanage in a place where babies aren’t wanted or cared for.


He also talks about when he was a boy and how he liked three things (guns, trucks, and balls).  But as he grew older he now wants to fight for what is right and take the Sword of the Spirit and drive a truckload of love to needy people in the name of Jesus!


That’s a holy ambition!  But how do we get one?  How do we get a holy ambition?


Life of Moses


Look at Moses (Exod. chapter 2)  What is Moses known for?

·         leading his people out of slavery into the Promised Land


Why did Moses do that?  What motivated him?  Was this his holy ambition?  I think so. 


Look at Exod. 2:11 – (context) Moses sees his people in need & wanted to meet that need


Look at Exod. 3:1-12 – Moses sees God and sees the way God sees


God’s burden becomes his burden.  God’s heart becomes Moses’ heart.

God’s goal becomes Moses’ goal.  God’s ambition becomes Moses’ holy ambition!


What about you?:


What needs do you see as you look around your school, neighborhood, church, world? God may be moving you to meet that need.


What do you need to do:


  1. See the need, Meet the needs around you

*look around you … how can you serve and meet people’s needs?

*what do you enjoy doing that can help other people?


  1. See God in Scripture to see the way He sees  (love what he loves)

*Are you reading the Bible?

*Here’s a plan to get you started

October Events!

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Dear Parent,


It’s been a great first month of Route 56!  And I’m looking forward to the month ahead.  Take a look at what’s coming up:



  • Route 56 Bonfire – Friday, Oct. 3rd from 6:30 – 9:00 at the Church Pavilion

Hot dogs, S’mores, Games, and More!  Don’t miss it!


  • Service Station #1 – Wednesday, Oct. 8th from 6:30 – 8:00 here at LBC

Our first service project!  We’ll be cleaning the nursery and a few of the preschool rooms together.  If you signed up for this service project please come and serve alongside us.  And if you didn’t sign up, come anyway and be a part of the fun!


CAN YOU KEEP A SECRET?  After we clean the nursery and parts of the preschool area, we would like to offer our Nursery Director, Penny Perkins, and our Preschool Director, Sue Bricken, a little surprise.  We would like to give them a gift card and a thank-you from all of us for what they do for the children and families of our church.  If you would like to contribute towards this gift for each of them (even if it’s just a $1) that would be great.  Please give your contribution by Wed, October 1st.



  • Seven Project for 6th graders – On Oct. 15th, at South Oldham Middle School

If you have a child in 6th grade he or she is encouraged to go to this event.  Talk to Pastor Lisle for more information @ 222-9306. 


Note: We will still have Route 56 on this night for everyone who does not attend the event. 


  • Fall Break – is Oct. 22nd so there will be no Route 56 on this night.

As we head into an exciting October, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Looking forward to a great month ahead,



The Launching Pad of Life – Discussion ?’s

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1. Do you like being a 5th/6th grader?  And do you look forward to the  

   years ahead?  Why or why not?



2. 1 Sam. 16:7 says that “man looks on the outward appearance

   but the Lord looks on the heart.”  How should this change the way 

   we see others and see ourselves?



3. What can you learn from David’s life especially before he fought




4. What are some small, hard things that God is asking you to do

    right now?  (David kept his father’s sheep, took food to his

    brothers … what’s that look like for you?)


1.       Maybe its obeying your parents cheerfully

2.       Maybe it’s serving your brothers and sisters

3.       Maybe it’s keeping your room clean

4.       Maybe it’s doing your absolute best at school

5.       Or maybe it’s standing up for what is right when no one else is

like at school when all the other kids are making fun of someone … or at a slumber party when someone puts in a bad movie



5.  Why is it important to do these small, hard things now?



* Remember:  It matters what you do now because these years      

   are the launching pad of your life.


* CHALLENGE THIS WEEK: Do something “small” to serve someone else and tell us about it!

Welcome to Route 56!

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Hi students and parents!  I’d like to welcome you to our Route 56 website.  My hope is that this site will be a place where we can encourage one another to live out our faith together.  If you have a story from your own life, thoughts from your time with God, or something else to share, please write to me at and if everything looks good, I’ll put it up on the site.  Feel free to also post a comment by clicking the comment line at the top right of each page.  I look forward to starting our journey together down Route 56 this year!